Quality materials, contemporary and customisable design, and a high level of safety.

Levant Comfort has been developed to provide a chairlift which is extremely comfortable as well as offering a modern design. Levant Comfort integrates perfectly in your interior and allows you to customise the seat with choice out of four stylish vinyl upholstery choices.

Easy and intuitive, Levant Comfort is equipped with options such as an automatic swivel seat in two directions as well as adjustment of the seat height providing you with maximum comfort.

ANTI-CRUSH Levant is equipped with safety sensors which allows the chair to stop smoothly in case of any obstacles or obstructions on the stairs.

ANTI-BLACKOUT Levant is battery operated, allowing you to always complete your journey, even in the event of a power failure. The batteries will automatically recharge when the chair is parked at its charging stations.

EASY INSTALLATION Levant is being installed within a few hours, without any works required to the walls of your home. With the wireless call & send stations, there will be no exposed cables or wires.

EASY-TO-USE Thanks to the ergonomically designed joystick, you are able to drive the chair in the desired direction effortlessly. With help of the wireless call & send stations you are able to call or send the chair to the desired floor. The seat of the Levant opens and closes with a simple gesture, reating more space when the lift is not in use.

SWIVEL SEAT Once arrived at the landing, the chair swivels in the direction of the landing allowing you to get on and off the seat safe and free from any hazards.

COMFORT AND ELEGANT Levant Basic comes with vinyl upholstery which can be easily cleaned, an anti-slip footrest, ergonomic controls which provide ultimate comfort. The arm rests of Levant are designed to give you full support when getting on and off the chair. Going up and down the stairs has never been so easy!

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So that we can most effectively fulfil your mobility needs, we can arrange a one-on-one consultation with you in your home on a time and day that suits your schedule.



Our indoor stair lifts are designed to offer a smooth riding experience and come with a range of accessories and features for all tastes and demands. You have peace of mind when you buy an indoor stair lift through us that we never compromise on safety.

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Our friendly and understanding lift technician will assess your home interior and the space where you’d like the lift installed and offer a range of alternative indoor stair lift designs for you to choose from. You also have the option of choosing colours or other custom features to be added to your lift.

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